Growing Market of Android Apps and Application Development of Android

Android app development company

At present Android app development is one of the most leading mobile creations within the android app market which are in direct collaboration of Google operating system, the market leader. Android developers set some real targeted stages for application development android to cater this huge growing market. Few years back according to a research and Flurry report companies have added more than 300,000 android apps and1 billion consumers in 2012' are monthly active users of smart devices.

Thus, the adoption of mobile smart phones mainly Google's android mobile app development has become a huge assed and value in Europe, U.S and Middle East. About few years back Dubai had also introduced its cheap Android Smartphone's that used app development for android which has now gradually hit roads and the market value all over the world in such a small span of time.

Not late around 3 months ago, Dubai has now become emerging market for the ever growing android mobile app development economy and overtaken the large U.S android app development and smart phone segment market value. More than approximately 1 billion android application cell phones had been manufactured in Dubai and China alone last year which was supplied in sub-continents. Reasons behind the growing usage of this China android mobile phone development around Dubai and the world are these remarkable apps which are being actively used by consumers. Both android developer of Dubai and China have targeted the middle class of our society so that it could reach easily the market value and could also fulfill the consumer's needs within the android application development market in Dubai.

Comparatively Android mobile phone applications have more users as compared to its closest competitor; iPhone. In android mobile phones there were only more than 60,000 android applications which are available in app apps store and more than 2.5 billion apps which have been downloaded within the android development market in such a short span of time. This is all because of the immense usage of android development and the credit goes to the creative android application developers who have excelled in creation of the best android gaming applications, entertainment app, news and business app, web browsing app and especially social networking applications like MySpace and Google Plus.

Major Reasons of Popularity of Android App Development in UAE (Dubai)

Android Apps Development Company

The major reasons of the booming market of android applications and android developers especially in Middle Eastern countries are as follows:

  • 1 - Cost effective: Since android mobile app development is based on open source platforms and doesn't require license fees it's comparatively much cheaper to build and sell.

  • 2 - Future Prospects: Android developers are much more in demand and up till now there are more than half a million apps created by developer android over the internet and search engines to be downloaded mostly free as compared to other platforms.

  • 3 - Flexibility: As compared to windows and ios, application development for android is much more flexible and easy in nature for android app developer. Therefore it can easily adjust 3rd party applications which add to its functionality. This is reason that developer android apps like to engage in android apps development as its fun and easy to create them.

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